9th Divine Festival of the Holy Spirit
(Program subject to change)

The Festa do Divino (The Divine’s Feast) is a folkloric feast of the portuguese speaking peoples (lusophone) started in the middle ages by the wife of the Templar King Don Dinis- St. Elizabeth, (Sta Isabel), in order to comemorate the future of Humanity when the Kingdom of the Holy Spirit would be among us and all peoples would live in harmony, justice, peace, aboundance, and universal spirituality. Temporal Powers would not be as they are today, but people of God would live in freedom and equality.Know more...

7:30 a.m. Concentration for the procession in front of Grande Hotel Trilogia
8:15 a.m. Beggining of the Procession: Chariots, Templar Knights, Angels, Aisle of Nations, Divine Festival participants
9 a.m. 9a.m. - Mass at the São Sebastião Church and the blessing of the bread.
10 a.m. Procession, passing in front of Grande Hotel Trilogia for the White Doves Ceremony. Procession until the Rosary Church, with the Child Emperor Coronation
12 a.m. Divine Kirmess (bazzar, food and artistic spectacles).

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