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- Keppe Motor Expo 2013
- Festa do Divino
- Sobre Keppe & Pacheco
- Sobre Keppe Motor
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- Artigos Científicos
- Sobre o Grande Hotel Trilogia
- Sobre Cambuquira
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Bem Vindo

19th ICAT Julho 6 - 12, 2013 Grande Hotel Trilogia, Cambuquira - MG - Brasil



Aos amantes do V Império e aos que têm fé na transformação da sociedade através dos valores espiritualistas das tradições lusófonas!

Gostaríamos de convidá-los a participar de um importante evento que reúne as tradições da cultura luso-brasileira. Trata-se da 9ª Festa do Divino de Cambuquira, Minas Gerais, Brasil, nos dias 6 e 7 de Julho de 2013, quando acontecerá a teatralização musical da obra História Secreta do Brasil que, de forma artística esclarece o significado dessas tradições.
Durante o evento haverá uma série de oito palestras em português que vão tratar o tema “A Energética e a Sociedade do Divino - Bondade, Verdade e Beleza em Ação”, para dar compreensão do significado da Festa do Divino na transformação da sociedade de hoje e uma melhor visão do contexto, não só histórico e social, como espiritualista e científico. 
Será uma imersão no entusiasmo e esperança dos homens  idealistas,  guerreiros  e práticos que fazem se cumprir as promessas de Deus para com a humanidade.

Gisela Alcaide
Associação STOP à Destruição do Mundo
Ação no Bem - Crescer com Arte


RichardJonesDear Friends,

Please let me take a moment to invite you to our 19th annual Congress at our beautiful hotel in scenic Cambuquira, Brazil.  This year’s Congress will be very special. We’re considering the practical application of the energetics of consciousness in all aspects of human life, including sustainable justice, technology, business and the social sciences.

Conference content is based on the discoveries of the great Brazilian psychoanalyst and Physicist (Independent Researcher), Dr. Norberto Keppe, who has pioneered “Analytical Trilogy,” an advanced form of psycho-socio-therapy.  Lectures, workshops, panel discussions, interactive demonstrations, activities, and topics will include:

  • “Inversion” – correcting the upside down values of society whereby legislatures destroy the law, doctors destroy health, teachers miss-educate, etc. 

  • “NEW PHYSICS” - Dis-inverting scientific thinking and clarifying how material actually comes from an “essential energy” that can be harnessed and applied in technology

  •  “Keppe Motor” - the revolutionary energy saving motor (up to 90% more efficient than traditional motors) which is the fruit of Keppe’s dis-inverted physics

  • “Healing through Consciousness” – training in the principles of psycho-socio therapy and psychosomatic health – how to make a difference in your communities

  • “Trilogical” Cooperative worker owned residences, businesses, cottage industries

  • “Practicums” - hands-on work with numerous social, artistic, economic development projects; plus lessons in Portuguese through a dynamic method of language instruction;

The event will take place at our restored art-deco Grande Hotel Trilogia, which features:  

  • saunas, swimming pools, beauty salon, massage; organic vegetable garden; Consciousness concert, authentic Brazilian cuisine; nearby Natural Healing Mineral Springs Water Park; annual folkloric Divine Festival, which celebrates the universality of spiritual consciousness

It promises to be a powerful and profound event. For details of the conference program and registration, or to submit a paper, visit

We look forward to seeing you, and hope that you will share this letter and links with your circle of influence.

Richard Jones
Board of Directors
Producer Stop Radio Network


LeonardBurgDear Friends,

The beautiful vista in the picture on the left reminds me of a living, “Amazing Beacon of Light in Brazil.” I’m referring to a giant of a man who has pioneered a new breakthrough in the integration of Physics, Metaphysics, psychology, philosophy and the social sciences.  He is someone I have personally met, and whose work I have witnessed.

LeonardBurgThe man in question has something very much in common with the great Albert Einstein who said, “My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”

In a ground breaking book on the “New Physics”, the man I am talking about Echoed Einstein’s message and went further, saying, “Physics has no way out if it does not admit the existence of spirit.” <>

Acknowledging the existence and role of consciousness and its essential energy is a realization that the Einstein’s, Aristotle’s, Martin Luther King’s, Freud’s, Gandhi’s, and Newton’s, ET AL of the world all understand or ultimately come to.  How can you recognize such individuals?  They intimately know of, can expound on, and can even dissect each other’s theories and works.  Normally they shake up society because they think outside the box, challenge the prevailing outdated modes of thinking, and enjoin the non-believer to check it out and see for themselves, because they have actually practiced what they preach, achieved resulst, and inspired others to action.

Indeed, every era has its world-class messengers, in particular fields of study, whose theory and practice is destined to inspire dramatic advances in civilization.  Seeing is believing!  You have the opportunity to witness the fruits of such a man in person, including scientists, inventors, educators, artists, therapists, ordinary citizens, initiators of worker-owned businesses and residences, etc.  That is why I have sent you this invitation.  Check it out.

Leonard Burgh
Board of Directors
Administrator, at Pace University, US.


TerryHello Friends,

My life changed for the better the moment I was introduced to Analytical Trilogy in New York over 8 years ago.  The introduction was very subtle but the impact was immense. As I continue to study the work of Dr. Norberto Keppe and Dr. Claudia Pacheco, I continuously become aware of so many things that were previously unknown to me.  In 2006 when I made my first trip to Brazil and discovered Cambuquira and it’s many treasures, I was captivated then and remain so to this day. I hope you too will experience the same joy and awakening as I have when you attend the 19th International Congress of Analytical Trilogy, July 6-12, 2013 in Cambuquira, MG, Brazil.

Terri Tully
Stop, North America


SusanDear Friend,

As a member of my network at, you know I speak often about going to Brazil twice yearly to refresh my soul and immerse myself in the work of my mentor Dr Norberto Keppe, Now this same opportunity is available to you! I’d like to invite you to join me and like minded people from all over the world for the 19th Annual Conference of Analytical Trilogy in Cambuquira,  Brazil  DATES. More than a conference, this is a week-long  retreat at a charming Art Deco Hotel in the beautiful Brazilian countryside. The theme of this event is The Energetics of Consciousness and you’ll enjoy a variety of presentations and workshops showcasing  the application of Keppe’s work in psychosomatic medicine, social projects and the new physics. A highlight of the conference will be The Keppe Motor, a revolutionary energy-saving device operating at over 90% efficiency.

Nestled among coffee plantations, and situated next to a healing mineral springs, the hotel features authentic farm to table Brazilian cuisine, an organic garden, swimming pool and  sauna. You’ll also enjoy concerts and an opportunity to learn Portuguese and participate in a beautiful centuries-old folkloric festival which celebrates the universality of spiritual consciousness.

For full details on this event, including how to submit a paper, visit:

Susan Berkley
Contributor, The STOP Radio network
President, The Great Voice Company

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